Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Welcome to my blog...

Hello there and welcome to my new blog. 

My name is Aimee (A) and i am the creator of Aimee in Wonderland. Currently I am 17 and attending school in year 12 studying my booty off .  I am originally from England, however now live in Australia. I've always enjoyed writing and expressing myself through words, so i thought why not give blogging a go. 
I have always been interested in the typical fashion and beauty, so i thought i would join the fun and write about my passion.  

I will write about certain things I may purchase & give  other opinions on products in general. My Blog posts, will vary covering beauty, fashion, life, exercise  and  health subjects. i hope to give many of you some great advice and share some warm hearted thoughts.

i hope you stay and enjoy this adventure with me. 
A x